It is always nice to know what to expect when you go somewhere you have never been before, so we thought we would share with you some things to expect when you visit Beacon Baptist Church.


A Warm Welcome. We are always glad to have visitors in our services – expect some handshakes and smiles!

A “Traditional” Service. We still sing the great hymns of the faith, usually to the accompaniment of a piano. But please don’t equate traditional with dead – we believe in hearty singing to honour our living Saviour!

Bible Preaching. We believe that the message from God’s Word is the most important part of the service. All our messages are from the King James Bible.

An Invitation. At the end of each service, we sing a song of invitation to quieten our hearts and give people an opportunity to respond to the message however God has spoken to their hearts.

We hope this gives you a little idea about us and hope to see you soon!