No Evening Service This Sunday

A Bright Sunny Day

What a beautiful, sunny winter day! But the blessings weren’t all outside we had a great time in the house of the Lord too!

This morning we came to Matthew 20, and considered a parable that some have a hard time with – that of the labourers in the vineyard. The key to the parable though, is found by looking at in the end of Matthew 19, particularly verse 30, and chapter 20, verse 16. In a sermon entitled, At the End of the Day, we looked at this portion of Scripture, and were challenged to see the need of getting involved in the Lord’s work, regardless of how late it in the day it may be.

Being our monthly hymn sing, tonight’s message, An Encouragement to Sing, was a little shorter and focused on music. Music is a natural outflowing of the heart of a believer, but we must keep the Lord as the focus, honouring Him and reverencing Him in this aspect of our worship.