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A Great Day in God’s House

This morning we continued our study in Matthew, finishing out chapter 17. At the conclusion of this chapter, we find Jesus telling His disciples about His death, and resurrection – He never lost sight of the reason for His coming. Jesus also responded to Peter’s statement about Jesus’ payment of tribute money. In a message entitled, Lessons in Redemption and Responsibility, we saw that though the disciples didn’t understand it at the time, the fact that Jesus told them what would happen to Him would be of great help to them later – this reminds us of the value of God’s promises. In Jesus’ response to Peter about paying tribute, we saw that Christians have a responsibility to maintain a good testimony to the lost.

This evening was our hymn sing time, so the message was centred around music. Did you know that there was music at the creation; that God created all kinds of musical creatures and that music reaches every area of our lives? Looking at a number of Bible verses in a message entitled, Time for Some Music, we found that God too enjoys music – after all, He did create it!

Top off these two messages with some food and fellowship and it made for a great day in God’s house!