No Evening Service This Sunday

A Wintery Sunday

Hearing about a snow storm coming on the weekend is never what a pastor wants to hear. Usually a snow storm means some folks will be missing from church. This weekend was definitely a snowy one and some were away, but we are thankful that the Lord blessed us with good services today, and sent some visitors our way as well.

We all know that Noah built the ark, but in our study of Hebrews 11, we see that the reason behind what he did was faith. When God warned Noah about the coming judgement of the earth by way of the flood, Noah acted in faith and built the ark exactly as God instructed him. The Bible says he was moved to build the ark by faith.  In a similar way, the Bible warns mankind of the wages of sin, and of the coming judgement of God upon the earth during the Tribulation, the question is, Are You Moved by Faith?, to believe in God’s Ark of safety, Jesus Christ? Christian, Jesus said that it would be like the days of Noah when He comes again. If Noah could live a Godly life then, we can also do it today – if we walk with God by faith.

When Nehemiah, burdened by the state of Jerusalem and his people there, was asked by Artaxerxes what he could do to help, Nehemiah prefaced his request with the words, If it please the king. As believers, we realize that God is the King, and ought to live our lives in such a way that it pleases the King. We must also realize that as Nehemiah found out, when God is involved in something, He works in miraculous ways to see it through. May God speak to your heart as you listen to, If It Please the King.