No Evening Service This Sunday

August 5th Sermons Online

In this morning’s message, The Net and the Householder, we looked at the final 2 parables from Matthew 13. The net mentioned in this first parable is the dragnet, which reached the bottom of the sea, and was drawn in once full. The Gospel, like that net reaches all people for God is not willing that any should perish – from the “righteous” sinners, to the “chief of sinners”, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, and as such must believe in Christ. As long as the day of grace is extended, the net of the Gospel is still in place, but as the net in Jesus’ parable was drawn in, so He said it would be at the end of the world – a day of judgement and reckoning is coming. The wicked (those who didn’t receive Christ) will be separated from the just (those made righteous in Christ), that is a sobering thought and one that should motivate unbeliever and Christian alike. In the next parable, Jesus likened His disciples to scribes who were like householders bringing things out of their treasure. Christians are to learn the Word of God, then take those things which they have learned to help others, and themselves.

In this evening’s message, A Closer Walk, we turned our attention to I John 1. This short chapter gives great insight into the believer’s fellowship with His Saviour. That fellowship not only allows the believer to get to know the Lord better, but also brings great joy which overflows from their life, causing them to share Christ with others, and also keeping their life right. Sadly, true fellowship with the Saviour is lacking in so many believers’ lives, which results in a lack of joy, as well as allowing for sin to more easily enter their lives. If only we would realize the great privilege that is ours, to fellowship with God!