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Blessed to Be in God’s House

Though being in church can become a habit and something we do without much thought. it is always a blessing to meet with God’s people, around the Bible and hear from God!

This morning, continuing in our series on faith from Hebrews 11, we came to verses 8-10, where we looked at Abraham’s life. Though he was far from a perfect person, we can learn much about faith from Abraham’s life. We often think of the amazing things wrought by faith, but in our text this morning, we were reminded that faith is also important in our everyday life. You see, the Christian life is really about, Living by Faith.

Do you ever wonder why God recorded some of things He did in the Bible – like lists of names and genealogies? We know that there is a reason, because God says that His Word is profitable for us. Nehemiah 3 is one of those chapters that makes us wonder, but in our message this evening, Labouring Together for God, we looked at some principles from this chapter and made some great applications for us.