Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

December 9th Sermons are Online

This morning in our study of Matthew we came to chapter 18. The chapter begins with a discussion amongst the disciples which they brought to Jesus, as to who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus taught them that they must be converted and become as a little child to enter the kingdom. Through Jesus’ response to their question and His following comments we see who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. To hear more, listen to the message, True Greatness Defined.

Revival is something every Christian should desire. Though we may think of revival as something that results in many people coming to know the Lord, the reality is that revival begins with believers. The Christian who desires revival should look for that revival to begin with him or herself, as the song writer said, send a revival, start the work in me. It was through prayer and looking for verses on revival that the Lord brought Pastor Wyatt to Psalm 138, the text for this evening’s message, In the Midst of Trouble. In this Psalm, David’s confidence was that David would revive him though he walked in the midst of trouble. The troubles we face in this life can certainly pull us down, but it is in times of weakness that we find God is there to revive us.