No Evening Service This Sunday

February 17th Sermons

In life, there are some who are true fans & those who jump on or off the bandwagon. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between them, especially when they are cheering. True fans know their team – it’s strengths & weaknesses; they believe in their team through thick & thin; when they cheer for their team, they know why they are doing it. The bandwagon fans are those who got caught up in the emotion of the crowd; they often know little about the team, though others try to tell them; they may cheer for the team, but are unsure why; when things get tough, they jump off the bandwagon because they were never really true fans. In the text for this morning message from Matthew 21, there were people who got caught up in the emotion of the day, and they cheered with the right words, but really didn’t understand who Jesus was. Similarly, there are professing Christians today who seem to be praising the Lord & saying the right words, but some may just be enjoying the ride on the bandwagon. The question is, Do You Know Who Jesus is? 

Though we don’t know all that the new year holds, there are some things we can count on. Not all the things we can count on are good things, and in this afternoon’s message we looked at one of those things – battles. All of us face battles every day, though others don’t always know about it. In Exodus 17, we see the fact of battles as well as the path of victory. This portion of Scripture teaches us what to do, In the Face of the Battle.