Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

February 3rd at Beacon

The Lord blessed us with another beautiful day today. The sun shining on the frost on the trees this morning and the fresh white snow were a tribute to our Lord’s creative handiwork!

This morning, continuing in our study of Matthew, we came to the second half of chapter 20. Jesus had taken the disciples apart along the road to Jerusalem to tell them about the events that would befall Him there. No sooner had He finished telling them, than James, John and their mother came with a request to have a prominent place in Christ’s kingdom. Though this request seemed greatly out of place, Jesus graciously responded to their request. He then used the ensuing conversation to explain true greatness, concluding by reiterating His reason for coming. In this portion of Scripture, we find that Jesus is indeed Our Great Saviour and Our Great Example.

Tonight we had a timely message from II Samuel 11, looking at a sad time in the life of David. Surely if the man after God’s own heart could fall like he did, in a world where temptations abound on every side, we ever need to be reminded of The Trouble with Sin.