Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

February 5th Sermons are online

Bringing people to Jesus can be a difficult thing. It takes time and effort. Sometimes we may even wonder if the effort is worthwhile. In this morning’s message from Matthew 9, four men chose to bring their friend to Jesus. It surely took some effort, but the result of bringing him to Jesus surely proved to them that it was Worth the Effort.

When the children of Israel faced the Red Sea in front and the Egyptian army behind, they didn’t know what to do. God instructed to them to go forward, and of course we all know the result – God opened up a path through the midst of the sea. In our lives too, we sometimes get stagnant, rather than pressing forward. God established His church not just to maintain, but to advance, to do more for Him. Before the annual general meeting this afternoon, Pastor Wyatt preached the message, It’s Time to Advance.