Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

Happy New Year!

This is the first weekend of the new year – almost a week into the year. I wonder how many resolutions were set ~ and how many have been broken. Speaking of resolutions, did you know that by reading between 10 – 15 minutes a day, you can read the Bible in a year? Compared to what we do with the rest of our day, I’d say that’s a pretty good investment of our time!

Our theme for this year is Let Christ be Seen in 2013. Obviously we aren’t speaking of seeing Him physically, unless of course He returns this year, which certainly could happen! The thought behind this theme is that we need to let Christ be seen in our lives, and in our church. People need to see Jesus and the only way they will see Him is in the lives of Christians – someone has well said, you may be the only Bible someone reads. This morning’s message, Let Christ be Seen in 2013, was taken Colossians 1, where we find numerous ways people can see Jesus in our lives and church.