Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

January 13th Sermons

According to the 2011 census by Statics Canada, the face of the Canadian family has changed significantly. While married couples remain the predominant family structure, the percentage of what may be called “traditional” families has decreased over time, now accounting for about 67% of the country’s families. In Matthew 19, Jesus answered a question about marriage by outling God’s Plan for Marriage, and this was the subject of this morning’s message.

Though many espouse Christianity, there is a real lethargy amongst Christianity, at least in the Western world. People seem happy to have a ticket to Heaven, but don’t want to be committed. Though Sunday morning church attendance is fairly, “normal” some don’t bother with church at all, and many more only attend one service a week. Many Christians are happy to sit in the comfort of a pew, but few are willing to get involved. Many are glad to be Christians, but don’t see the need of getting excited about it – there is a definite lack of zeal, or enthusiasm. In fact, many Christians show more enthusiasm towards a movie, TV show or sports team, than they do towards their faith. The question is, how will we ever reach a lost world for Christ if God’s people are so complacent? Why would people get excited about Christianity if those who profess it are not. Tonight’s message entitled, Are you Hot, or Not? looks at our need to be zealous believers.