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July 22nd Sermons Online

In this morning’s sermon we looked at two parables. The parable of the mustard seed is about healthy growth – the least of all seeds became the greatest among herbs. Christianity was small in its beginnings, but soon began to grow and became quite large. It is good to know that God honours small faith with great answers; He cares for individuals, not just large groups and He notices the faithfulness of people in small things rewarding it with greater. The parable of the leaven was also about growth, but the symbolic use of leaven in the Bible is always negative. This parable was one of warning – hypocrisy; rationalization; worldliness and sin all start small, but grow quickly and soon consume the church or person who allows them to take hold – we must beware. To hear more, listen to, Parables of Encouragement and Warning.

Did you ever stop to think about how blessed we are? Amazing as it may seem, God is not only interested in our lives, but He also desires to bless us! As we considered, A Great Benediction, based on a few verses from Numbers 6 tonight, we were reminded of God’s grace and mercy towards His people. What a great God we serve!