Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

March 17th Sermons

Another beautiful day today in the Waterloo region – albeit a little chilly!

This morning in our study of Mathew we came to chapter 21:18-22, which may seem like an unusual event in Jesus’ ministry, but one that Jesus used to teach his disciples, A Lesson in the Power of Prayer. Prayer is perhaps the most neglected, misunderstood resource of the Christian life. If we truly recognized the power & possibilities of prayer, surely we would not neglect it so. Often thought of by believers as an obligation or chore, God desires that prayer be a channel of His blessing & a reminder of His presence. Someone once said that prayer moves the Hand that moves the world. Truly the possibilities of prayer are as limitless as the power of Almighty God.

Tonight we continued looking at Proverbs 3 in a message entitled, Following the Lord. In verses 7-12 of this great chapter, we find 3 important attitudes in following the Lord – fearing Him; honouring Him & heeding Him. We trust these thoughts will challenge your heart & be a blessing to you as you follow the Lord in your personal life.