Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

March 4th Sermons are Online

In Matthew 9, Jesus heals two blind men by restoring their sight, needless to say they were so excited that they left and told everyone; He enabled a dumb man to speak, causing the crowds to marvel; then He healed all kinds of people of every disease and sickness. All these things proved that there is nothing too hard for Him. In the same chapter, His love for people is demonstrated by His concern for them. Having both ability and love, we may wonder if there is anything that can hinder the Lord’s work. Find out the answer to that thought in this morning’s message entitled, Capable, Compassionate, but Constrained.

With many things in life that it doesn’t make much difference whether we have them or not, other than a matter of preference. We use such terms as, “I could take it or leave it.” or “Either way is fine by me.” to express that sentiment. Nevertheless, there are some things that it makes a big difference whether you have them or not. In tonight’s message,  With or Without, we see the great difference it makes to have Jesus or not.