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November 18th Sermons are Online

Well, the sound system co-operated today and we got both sermons successfully recorded and published.

There are some times in our lives we wish would last forever – a vacation, revival services, time spent with the Lord in church – that must have been how Peter felt when, after saying it was good to be there, he offered to make accommodations for Jesus, Elijah and Moses on the mount of transfiguration. But that mountaintop experience, as wonderful as it was, wasn’t meant to last forever – they had to come down from the mountain. There are also times in our lives where we feel helpless, powerless to do anything, even when perhaps we have handled a similar situation in the past – that’s the way the other nine disciples felt in Matthew 17. No doubt frustrated by their lack of power, they asked Jesus the reason for that power shortage in their lives. These are the issues covered in the morning’s message, God’s Power in Your Life.

What are you trusting in? On what do you base your life? Will it stand the test of time and trial? In tonight’s message, Trusting the Truth, from Isaiah 28, Bro. Greg Kaufman delivered a challenging message on where and how to successfully build your life.