Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

October 27th at Beacon

It was a great day at Beacon Baptist on Sunday, as we concluded our morning service with the baptism of a young couple who have a great desire to serve God with their lives.

Our morning sermon continued our study of the church from 1 Timothy 3, with a message entitled, Called to Serve, speaking of the office of deacon in the New Testament Church. Surely this is a blessed position and God established it for the strengthening of God’s people in His church.

In the evening, it was our monthly hymn singing time and we were blessed by the favourites and testimonies. For our message, we looked at a few verses in Isaiah 50, and were reminded that although it may seem that Christianity at large is failing, God is still God. It is a wonderful thing to know that, He’s Still Able.