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It often seems that we as people misunderstand things. Despite the fact that we are usually speaking the same language, words are taken the wrong way, or perhaps missed altogether. Instructions are neglected, or misread. Sometimes misunderstandings are due to a predisposition or prejudice. We misinterpret what is said because we think a person has something against us. We don’t read the instructions properly because we “already know” what to do. These misunderstandings sometimes have significant consequences – some are offended, because of their interpretation of what was said; this sometimes results in family feuds, bitterness & lifetime grudges. Find out what pride, prejudice, forgetfulness and presumption led to in this morning’s message from Matthew 16, Discerning the Times.

Tonight being our hymn sing, the message was geared around some hymns. We did things a little different in that we divided the message up into 5 sections, in each section we considered a different hymn written by songwriter Priscilla Jane Owens. Some were familiar hymns, while others were not, but the message in each were Biblical and challenging. We trust you will enjoy these thoughts as much as we did tonight, as we considered, A Message from 5 Great Hymns.