Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

A Busy Day in Church

Today was a busy day at Beacon Baptist. It was the first Sunday of our F.A.N.tastic Fall round up, and God blessed us with some visitors. Following the morning service, we had a delicious lunch and some great fellowship, then it was off to the Cambridge Country Manor for our monthly service there. This evening we met back at church and had another great time around God’s Word. A busy, but blessed day indeed.

In Matthew 15, the Pharisees and scribes came to Jesus to complain that His disciples were eating with unwashed hands. At first thought, we may conclude that they were right – the disciples should have washed their hands before eating – shouldn’t everyone? But a closer look shows the reason for their concern wasn’t hygiene, it was tradition. Jesus used this discussion to show them that they were placing their traditions above the Word of God and gave them an example to prove it. Though we may shake our heads at the thought of elevating traditions above the Bible, it takes place all too frequently today too – many religions are teaching their traditions, when their emphasis ought rather to be on the Word of God. It really comes down to a choice between, The Traditions of Man or the Truth of God. The stakes can high, so be sure you choose wisely.

Something lacking in Christianity today is an emphasis on holiness. Sadly, holy living is seldom preached or promoted today, and the result is that we find many Christians and churches looking more and more like those without Christ. The fact that the word holy and its various forms is used some 588 times in the Bible should tell us that holiness is important to God, and if it is important to God it should also be important to us too. Tonight we took our text from I Peter 1 in a message entitled, Be Ye Holy.