Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

Sunday, July 28th

We had a wonderful time in church today. It is such a blessing to meet together around the Word of God!

In our study of Matthew this morning, in a message entitled, A Mock Trial and a Friend’s Denial, we finished chapter 26. We were reminded again at the grace and mercy of God, and the extent of His love as we saw the cruel treatment of Jesus by the Sanhedrin. Jesus could have called for the angels of Heaven, or simply spoke the word and all His suffering would have been over, but because of His love, He allowed those who He had created to treat Him so inhumanely. In the second part of the message, we saw the steps that led to Peter’s denial of the Lord, and were reminded of principals that we need to follow in our lives to avoid defeat.

This evening, we were blessed to sing our favourite hymns, and several shared some ways God had blessed them, and worked in their lives. Before going downstairs for refreshments, we opened the Bible to Psalm 119. Though you won’t hear the favourites, or be able to partake of the refreshments as you listen online, we trust the message, Delight in God’s Word will be a help to you.