No Evening Service This Sunday

Sunday September 15th at Beacon

Having finished our study of Matthew on Sunday mornings, this morning we began a study on the church. Though many may feel the church’s day is past, God’s Word is clear that the church is to continue to be salt & light in the world until the Lord returns. Our first message on the church brought us to 1 Timothy 3, where we were reminded of something many of us learned in childhood, How to Behave in Church. Our attitude toward something is determined by our feeling of its relevance or importance, and such is also true of our attitude towards the church. We trust this morning’s message will be a blessing to you, and give you a greater appreciation of the church.

This evening as we met to fellowship around the Lord’s Table, our hearts were directed to our salvation. What a great salvation we have in Jesus Christ! 1 Peter 1:17-25 was the text for a message entitled, Remembering Our Redemption. We trust your hearts will be blessed like ours were as you reflect on the price paid, and the resulting benefits of our redemption.