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Guided by God’s Light

As we begin a new year, we have prayerfully chosen the theme, Guided by God’s Light for our church.

Though we all have plans and goals for our lives, and for our church, it is our desire that God would direct every aspect of our lives and ministry in 2017.  We have been reminded very early this year that we don’t know what a day has in store, let alone a year, so it is vital that we seek and know God’s leadership in our lives each day.  We trust that each decision that is made would be directed by God, and that we will see His hand of power and blessing in all that we do.  If such is the case, we know that 2017 will be a successful year.

Yesterday morning, the message from Psalm 43 was entitled, Guided by God’s Light in keeping with our theme.  We invite you to listen online and let God challenge your heart as He did ours in the service yesterday.