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Happy Anniversary!

We had a great day today celebrating the anniversary of Beacon Baptist Church. The fellowship was great, the preaching was from the heart, and God was glorified.

This morning’s message from Hebrews 11, was about Samson. A man known for his strength, and long hair, but seldom thought of in relationship to faith, yet faith is the reason for his being named in Hebrews 11. In looking at his story in Judges, we see that unfortunately he waited until the end of his life to exercise his faith, he waited until he hit rock bottom before he really got a grip on what it means to trust in God. So much more could have been done, if only his faith had been exercised earlier in his life. The good news is that God was so merciful as to respond to Samson’s humble faith from the bottom, the sad news is that Samson’s life was full of regrets. From Samson’s life we can learn a valuable lesson – Don’t Wait to Exercise Your Faith. You don’t have to wait till you hit rock bottom – you can trust Him today. If you are at the bottom, God is there, and will hear when you call unto Him in humility.

This evening our young people did a great job of running the service – the singing, testimony, ushering, special music, and the preaching. In a message entitled, The Real Deal, Derek shared the true meaning of friendship from Proverbs 27.

Though by listening online, you can’t enjoy the entire service, we trust that these messages will touch your heart as they did ours.