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Happy Victoria Day!

Matthew 12 features another day in Jesus’ earthly ministry. This was the Sabbath day, yet in many ways, it was just another day – hungry disciples, critical Pharisees; it was also a miraculous day as Jesus showed His power by healing a man with a withered hand, ultimately, it was a day of opportunities – some missed, others seized.  As we go through life, we must see that each day is like this, a special day; an ordinary day; a day where God desires to work; a day of opportunities – will we miss them, or seize them? In other words, every day is, Just Another Day, or is It?

The Bible tells us that Christians should love others as themselves, and serve others. This is contrary to human nature because basically we normally live to please ourselves, so there is a conflict between what God command, and what our flesh desires. In looking at Galatians 5 tonight, we saw that how we treat others comes down to a spiritual decision – will we follow the works of the flesh, or yield to the Spirit? The result will be evident in how we are Serving Others.