Our regular Sunday evening Service will be moved to 1pm for the month of May.

May 13th Sermons are Online

Jesus’ ministry was full and fruitful, every day was filled with opportunities for His disciples to see and learn. As we read the Gospels, there are so many things we can learn from His life, but we often miss them because we don’t take the time to let Him speak to our hearts like we should. In this morning’s message, An Invitation to Salvation and Service, our attention was not only drawn to the great invitation of Matthew 11:28-30, but also to the short prayer that Jesus prays in verses 25-26. From this prayer, we can learn elements that we can incorporate into our prayer lives too. Of course, a great deal of the message was devoted to that great invitation of salvation, extended to all mankind – an invitation that we trust you have accepted. The invitation of Jesus is also an invitation to learn from Him, and an invitation to labour with Him – what a great privilege is ours!

Have you ever hidden something from someone? Maybe it was as a joke (though they may not have taken it quite so well!), but most of us have been on one end or the other of something being hidden. When something is hidden, it usually doesn’t have serious consequences, but such is not always the case. In tonight’s message, Don’t Hide the Gospel, from II Corinthians 4, we were reminded of the serious consequences of hiding the Gospel. Though most Christians would not intentionally hide the Gospel, our text shows 7 ways we can easily end up doing so.