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Messages from Matthew

In both our services on Sunday, we had our text in Matthew.

In the morning, we looked at Matthew 14, where we find a couple of familiar stories – the feeding of the five thousand, and Jesus walking on the water. Sometimes in the familiarity of a text, we can miss out on the great lessons the Lord has for us. There is no doubt that these stories show the power of our Saviour, but they also show His grace and mercy. Listen to, Lessons in the Night Watches, to hear the truths that blessed our hearts from the miraculous provision of food, as well as the amazing manner in which Jesus came to the disciples (there’s also another lesson sandwiched in between). There is no doubt that we can learn much, if we take the time to study God’s Word.

In the evening, we took our text from Matthew 17. Though Lord willing we will get there in our study of Matthew soon, it is a where God led us to on Sunday night to bring a message that follows up with our theme of late – our dependence on God. In the text, the disciples were stumped and asked Jesus why – I’m so glad they asked, because through His answer, we too can know, The Means of God’s Power.

We trust these messages will be the blessing to you that they were to us!